该桁架属于小型桁架,材料采用国际标准高质航空特种工业铝材6082-T6特殊处理后焊接而成, 焊接工艺均达到国际焊接标准,并经过载重受力测试,保证了产品质量及吊装安全荷载。产品具 有重量轻、耐腐蚀及抗压力强等优点;连接方式采用快速式插销连接,在满足使用需求的前提下, 力求制造和安装所用的材料和劳动量为最小。由于架子结构新颖美观,整体性能好,广泛应用于 大小型商场、酒店及商业发布会,庆典,工商业展会,流动演出以及所有室内吊挂需求。其他不 规则形状可根据客户要求定做。
This is small size truss, welded by the Aluminum 6082-T6, which is high quality material according to the international standard. Reaching international welding standard, together with the professional loading test, this can make sure of the product quality and easy setting up. Our truss is light in weight, corrosion resistance and do well in compression resistance. We have two options on connection modes, one is spigot and the other is by screw. Our truss widely used in small running performance, gymnasium, exhibition hall ,opera house etc. Other irregular shapes can also be customized.